About Reber

Peter Reber , the eponymous founder of Reber confectionary products, first began conducting his orchestra of confectionary delicacies in 1865. He started his first café and began producing his chocolates and sweet treats in Munich. Soon thereafter his café became the main meeting place for Munich’s high society.

In 1938 the Reber family moved their main café to Bad Reichenhall, where the company head office is located today. Although the change in location brought new influences, the traditional recipes remained the same, as did the café culture which emanated from its walls before.

Today the “genuine Reber Mozart-Kugeln” is renowned worldwide. Reber is the global market leader for Mozart Kugeln chocolates, and approximately 500,000 chocolates are produced every single day.

Reber Mozart chocolate is exclusively produced in Germany to distinct specifications dating over 150 years.

The market for Reber’s exquisite confectionery specialties is worldwide. Today Reber Mozart Kugeln Chocolates can be found in Europe, China, Russia, Brazil, Australia and the Middle-East. MozartUSA.com is proud to offer this uniquely delicious chocolate to distinguished consumers in the Unites States and Canada.